Our Story

Hey friends!

Arturo and Wrenn

We are the Pachecos and are the ranchers behind Pacheco Beef. Arturo and Wrenn want to share good food, good beef and they believe good beef starts long before the steak hits the plate.

Arturo, a genuine cowboy, has his PhD in ruminant nutrition and through his nutrition consulting business, he helps farmers and ranchers achieve efficient feeding practices.   He has clients all over the country and his goal is to help ranchers and cattlemen provide an excellent product for the consumer. He brings his expertise of feeding and finishing cattle to his own beef business. He handcrafts and hand feeds each calf in order create the perfect cut of beef. 

Wrenn, a genuine cowgirl, is the heart and soul of Pacheco Beef. She is the one that tells the story, fills each order and will help you make your selections when you come into the Beef Shop. 

Together, Arturo and Wrenn, a husband-and-wife team work hard, in order to live the dream of raising cows, kids and beef. They have a passion for providing high quality, aged beef from their piece of the Flint Hills to your family’s table.